Parenting Our Parents

When Our Parents Need Parenting

Transitioning into the role of the of parenting your parent can be challenging. We think of our parents as our answer provider, our protector, and our shoulder to cry on, but now it is our turn to be the “parent.” When responsibilities start to reverse it can often be difficult for our parents to accept change. Patience, and persistence are vital characteristics we must portray throughout this whole transition process.

We are all naturally accustomed to our parents making their own decisions. It can be heartbreaking when they start to show signs of needing your assistance in daily activities. To help them through this transition it is important to make decisions early on and often. If these conclusions are made before needed a lot of stress will be reduced or avoided. There is no instructional manual in these situations, you must do what works best for you and your loved one.

Accept the challenge, knowing that parenting your parent might not be easy but can be done. Proper preparation and patience will help you through this journey. Take advantage of the resources available and rely on others that are going through the same transition.

AllHealth CHOICE is the perfect solution for you and for your parents who are just starting to show signs of needing assistance. Our combination of technology and aging in place experts allows you to live stress free while your loved one gets to live safely in his or her own home. Our technology, CHARLIE, allows you to check in on your loved one at anytime from anywhere. You can live stress free knowing that our aging in place experts are there 24/7 if your mom or dad needs anything.

Let us help you with this transition. Contact us at 855-713-0255 today to set up a free consultation.