Six Reasons Telehealth is Powerful.

Confused About Telehealth? Here’s Six Reasons Telehealth is Powerful:

(1) Increases access to healthcare for patients in rural areas and for people in all areas who have health or transportation issues that make travel difficult.

(2) Improves health outcomes. Why? Patients treated earlier and/or consistently often have better outcomes for short-term illnesses and they manage chronic conditions better.

(3) Reduces healthcare costs in many ways; one significant savings results from patients with complex conditions have fewer ED, hospital stays and hospital readmissions due to home monitoring programs. Cost savings benefit all parties involved, from the patient and employer to the insurer.

(4) Assists in addressing shortages in medical specialties as well as primary care; patients in rural areas in particular benefit from access to specialists via telehealth applications.

(5) Increases the ability for patients to stay at home or at least in their community after a stay a tertiary care facility, but to receive the follow up care needed.

(6) Enables patients to play an active role in their healthcare; many times, patients who feel empowered and know someone is there to keep them on track manage complex or chronic conditions better – and therefore, have better health.

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