Telehealth: Transform Your Care Delivery Model

Launch Your Virtual Office with AllHealth CHOICE in 24 Hours

Providing telehealth via AllHealth CHOICE to your patients means you can transform your practice into a 24/7 virtual care office without adding staff, technology or overhead. Additionally, with COVID-19 as a public health concern, utilizing telehealth means you can video call patients on a HIPAA compliant platform and avoid having sick or at-risk patients come to the office.

Advantages of Using MyCharlie by AllHealth CHOICE for Your Telehealth Services

Quick Set Up: Launch MyCharlie by AllHealth CHOICE quickly; onboarding takes less than 24 hours. 

Connect Multiple People: Conduct physician to patient video calls; and, our multi-party platform allows you to easily add in a family member, a caregiver, midlevel and other physicians. 

Multi-Communication Channels:  Use screen shares with patients/family members/specialty physicians and online chats during the virtual consultation. 

Broadcast Function: Reach all patients with our broadcast function; send videos, documents and announcements to all participants; a current example includes informing patients about COVID-19 prevention tips and updates. 

Provide Care Virtually: Initiate care consults from provider to patient and accept patient-initiated requests for a care consult from their provider.

Easy to Use Dashboard: Patients access the platform via an app for both Android and iOS. Providers access their dashboard to receive vitals via Bluetooth-enabled devices as well as add people to a virtual consult; screenshare, chat, broadcast messages and use other functions.