Telehealth Platforms Vs. Video Chats During COVID-19

In this uncertain time of COVID-19 and all that it entails – social distancing, sheltering in place, minimizing exposure of all kinds – Telehealth has become a critical element in delivering healthcare while allowing people to stay at home.


While the US Congress recently waived telehealth restrictions during COVID with an eye towards quickly allowing providers access to video chat platforms, and is temporarily allowing reimbursement, this is only a band-aid and not a permanent solution.


AllHealth CHOICE’s Telehealth platform allows providers to transform their practice into a secure 24/7 virtual care office without adding staff, technology or overhead in less than 24 hours. Our platform is a safe, effective and custom alternative to other telecommunications software because it was created exclusively for providers and their patients.


Advantages of using our Telehealth platform versus other non-medical, video-chat platforms include:


  • HIPAA Compliant: Unlike many of the communications software being currently used during COVID to see patients, AllHealth’s platform is HIPAA-compliant by design and follows all HIPAA regulations which protects your practice and your patients.
  • Reimbursement: AHC’s Telehealth platform is a fully integrated solution, ready for reimbursement now and in the future once restrictions return and video-chat platforms are no longer reimbursable.
  • Affordable: The peace of mind that comes with HIPAA compliance and reimbursement is also affordable and
  • Connect Multiple People: Conduct provider to patient video calls; or, easily add family members, caregivers, and specialists if needed.
  • Broadcast Function: Send informative videos, documents and announcements, including the latest information about COVID-19, to all patients at once.
  • Provide Care Virtually: Initiate care consults from provider to patient AND accept patient-initiated requests for care.


When deciding on the best way to care for and communicating with your patients during these trying times, do your research and be aware of the pitfalls that some of the communication platforms can bring. Visit our website to learn more about all of our patient care options with our MyCharlie application as well as the benefits our Telehealth system