Elderly with pet

Should Your Aging Parent Own A Pet?

Being alone is something everyone fears. We all love having someone by our side to keep us company throughout the day. We start to worry when it gets to a time when our aging parents start living alone. Having the house to themselves can seem a little daunting not only for them but for us as well.

Many people find comfort in having a pet. Whether it be a cat, dog, bird, or anything else, it can provide your parents with someone to talk to and love. Pets provide comfort, a sense of safety, and even some added health benefits.

Providing comfort is something many people in their older age look for but may have a hard time finding if they live alone. Having a pet around the house can help with this. Pets, especially cats and dogs, are very in tune with how their owners are feeling. They can add instant joy into the lives of your aging parents. Not only are they a companion, they are a positive responsibility. They can sense when someone is upset or unhappy and are excellent at providing instantaneous comfort. Having this responsibility can give a owner a feeling of purpose. Pets need love and attention just as a child would, but don’t worry they are less high maintenance and are manageable for your parent to take care of.

Worrying about your parent living alone is normal. Break-ins happen all time and the elderly are often times an easy target. Having a pet around the house can provide a sense of security when you parent is alone. Dogs make great protectors and even cats can sense when something is off or if someone is a threat. Having a pet around can make your parents feel more at ease in their own home and will hopefully allow them to stay there longer.

Studies have found that owning pets can actually provide people with health benefits. One study found that people who own a pet have decreased blood pressure and cholesterol. Keeping active is something your aging parent may find difficult and having a dog is a great motivator to get them outside for a walk. Another study showed that heart attack survivors are more likely to live longer if they have a pet to keep them company.

Arthritis is a condition many people suffer from, and it only gets worse with age. Owning a pet has been shown to help ease pain of those who suffer from Arthritis and other types of chronic pain. Pets are excellent at coping and will help on those days where your parent is feeling blue. Pets are instant mood lifters and can instantaneously make a bad day good.

Owning a pet can provide wonders for your aging parent. It is a commitment, but when considering a pet for your mom or dad remember all of the benefits associated. Your parent can feel comforted, safe in their own home, and even experience some health benefits when a pet is around. A pet is a big responsibility and is not something to be taking lightly, so make sure your parent is able and aware of what comes from owning a pet.