Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), now a separate, billable service with four codes, allows physicians to receive patient data securely in real time. By leveraging MyCharlie from AllHealth CHOICE, physicians are prepared to participate in Medicare RPM Reimbursement. MyCharlie, an end-to-end solution-based platform, integrates the latest in remote health and activity monitoring, telehealth, engagement, and care coordination - and is the connected care platform of choice for RPM.

RPM: Better Outcomes.
Efficient Delivery.
Reimbursed Remote Care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • RPM is now a separate, billable service with four codes. [Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services]
  • No geographic limitation placed on virtual care or remote patient monitoring.
  • RPM can reduce hospitalizations, avoidable readmissions, and lengths of stay – all of which improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.


  • A fully integrated solution, ready for Medicare RPM Reimbursement.
  • Providers can track & export HEDIS and 5-Star data 24/7.
  • Better patient complex care management.
  • Intuitive care plan navigation.
  • HIPAA approved video conferencing for virtual visits.
  • Integrates with our FDA Bluetooth devices.
  • Mobile app works with all smartphones.

What You Need to Know About RPM and MyCharlie

Quick and Easy Set Up

RPM: Separate, Billable Service


Fully Integrated Solution