Our Story

At AllHealth CHOICE we love supporting an individual’s choice to take charge of health-related issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure as well as older adults who want to stay independent while managing age-related concerns and conditions.

We are often asked how the vision for AllHealth CHOICE came about. Our team has a strong background in the healthcare industry with a collective knowledge of almost 90 years of experience. In that time, we struggled to help find in-home solutions for our family members and clients, who needed assistance managing health care concerns or who weren’t quite ready for assisted living or other forms of traditional healthcare.

We know healthcare can be complicated; our system creates care solutions that work for each individual. By combining state of the art technology with a qualified expert nursing and case management team, we are able to customize a support plan that ensures the perfect balance of assistance and independence for each individual.

AllHealth CHOICE provides a way for people with chronic or complex conditions to effectively manage their health issues and provides a choice to support their independence.  Too often, we saw needless emergency department visits or hospital admissions – that could have been avoided with consistent management.