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Our clients, including health systems, employers, insurance companies, TPAs, Medicare, Medicaid payers, ACOs and others understand a healthier, more proactive population means people are not only living better lives  – they’re not over utilizing hospital emergency departments or physician offices due to not managing health issues. At the same time, our team and technology ensure participants see a provider when needed instead of putting off medical intervention – which can result in a minor health issue evolving into something more serious.

From a hospitalization perspective, a person who understands how to manage a disease or multiple chronic diseases is less likely to be readmitted after a stay in the hospital. In short, our innovative care coordination and proactive management approach reduce critical and catastrophic events by transmitting red flag alerts and preventative information to medical providers, enabling corrective action to be taken prior to any event.

MyCharlie, an AllHealth CHOICE solution, leverages technology and empowers people to effectively manage their health, hand-in-hand with our team and the participants’ local providers. From Bluetooth-enabled devices and HIPAA compliant video calls to medication and medical device compliance tools, alerts and health education videos, the MyCharlie app is a 24/7 healthcare partner that delivers what participants need to live their healthiest life.

MyCharlie solutions are grouped into four primary areas of focus: Complex Care Management, for participants with multiple chronic illnesses; Advanced Disease Management, for participants with a single disease such as diabetes; and, Lifestyle Management for people who are healthy to track and proactively manage health indicators and fitness. Our fourth area of focus is Remote Patient Monitoring, or RPM, a service that allows physicians to receive patient data in real time.

Our clients love seeing improvement in their population’s health status and the reduced healthcare costs via analytics and reporting; and, the results speak for themselves: a healthier population, health care resources used appropriately, and reduced healthcare cost through health management.

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