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Most Opioid Management programs focus on physician-prescribing practices, MyCharlie tackles the problem with patient-facing opioid management.  The AllHealth CHOICE registered nurse care managers provide proactive and reactive care 24/7; they focus on patient engagement and individualized care pathways for direct oversight of opioid usage, monitor patient patterns of behavior, ensure compliance with all medication usage, and manage overall health status. Our management protocols focus on the frequency and dosing of patients as well as the symptoms associated with the underlying medical condition. 

MyCharlie, which connects with bluetooth-enabled medical peripheral and smart home devices, monitors opioid usage through its integration with pharmacy supported dose packaging of medications. Dose packets are connected to a bar code scanner that records frequency and dosing of medications. MyCharlie automatically alerts the RN care manager of aberrancies in usage patterns with a function that privately numbers the dose packs for usage matching the physician’s prescription.

Care managers engage with patients in real time via video conferencing and remote health technology when aberrancies occur to reinforce proper dosing and frequency, monitor symptoms related to the underlying medical condition, and provide proactive and reactive teaching for behavior modification.

Our RN care managers provide support for Social Determinant of Health, coordinate care with the primary care physician or specialty physician, coordinate care with other healthcare providers, and provide behavioral health intervention per AllHealth CHOICE’s care pathways.