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New CMS Guidelines

As of January 1, 2019 the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) made remote care a separate billable service with three new codes for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM); the guidelines allow providers to track and monitor patient-focused care for both reporting and outcomes to qualify for new regulated reimbursement models.

The new CMS RPM guidelines, part of the Chronic Care Act of 2018, allow reimbursement for technology-enabled services and virtual care. The terminology is important since the term “telehealth” has very specific statutory regulations – and while the definition and usage of telehealth may be expanded by congress in the future, the game-changing and much-needed Remote Patient Monitoring reimbursement from CMS is a welcomed step in the right direction.

Now, getting down to business: even when changes in technology and reimbursement are positive, it can be a challenge to integrate the updates. For the new RPM changes, AllHealth CHOICE and MyCharlie have you covered. Our platform delivers automated technology for patient engagement, continual monitoring, and virtual visits to demonstrate high-value care. Additionally, our team has fully researched the new guidelines, the codes, the reimbursement and the impact – and can offer detailed insight.

Added Value:

By leveraging MyCharlie from AllHealth CHOICE, you are prepared to participate in Medicare RPM Reimbursement.

  • Manage patients with two or more chronic conditions.
  • Improve Medical Decision Making with actionable Data.
  • Typically qualify two-thirds of Medicare patients.
  • Improve clinical, financial, and patient satisfaction outcomes—with a robust return on investment through a technology-enabled care model.
  • Enhance operational efficiencies.
  • Exceed performance and compliance goals and increase market share with a focus on patient-centered care and patient outcomes.

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