Need for Telehealth Amplified

At times, it seems medical technology is advancing at warp speed and that has never been more true than now. While Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth were well on their way to being mainstream before COVID, the pandemic certainly amplified the need for people and medical professionals to connect remotely and securely. Patients and providers have now overcome the hesitancy of not seeing each other in person every time; and, in fact, have embraced the convenience and with COVID, the safety, of being able to conduct virtual visits. Remote Patient Monitoring offers such great insight for providers with ongoing information from consistent monitoring versus the snapshot obtained in the office. And, not to mention the benefits to people living with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, COPD and others. RPM and consistent check-ins with providers are delivering better outcomes for people with chronic conditions, as well as lowering cost for providers, simply due to the patients needs being monitoring and addressing issues before they mushroom into health concerns that require hospitalization. While there’s no shortage of health issues that need attention, the integration of technology to help people live better, healthier lives is something we are thankful to see come to fruition.