Live Well: Lifestyle Management, Disease Management & Complex Care Management With MyCharlie.

AllHealth CHOICE integrates the latest in remote health and activity monitoring, telehealth, socialization, patient engagement, and care coordination technologies into one comprehensive service combined with dedicated, 24/7 care managers and navigators

Our MyCharlie app proactively improves health as well as reduces critical and catastrophic events by transmitting red flag and preventative information to the individual, the AllHealth CHOICE team, medical providers, and caregivers.  The integration of MyCharlie, tailored complex care management, and increased patient engagement delivers measurable results.  Our core services center around Lifestyle Management, Opioid Risk Management, Advanced Disease Management, and Complex Care Management.

From a wellness perspective, participants can track and improve overall health via Lifestyle Management; this feature allows activity tracking and includes individual health data to deliver a custom health awareness and improvement tool.  Our Opioid Risk Management program moves away from monitoring physician prescription practices and instead focuses on participant use management to help avoid misuse and addiction.

Participants in our Disease Management and Complex Care Management programs benefit from custom-tailored proactive health management from the robust MyCharlie app. Utilizing virtual visits via HIPAA-approved video calls, Bluetooth enabled devices, and more, our team works with participants and providers to improve health and monitor ongoing health conditions.

Our proactive approach empowers participants to take charge of their health issues and incorporate steps to ensure the best quality of life possible. By using real-time data and participant feedback, our team helps MyCharlie participants avoid Emergency Department visits and hospital stays that occur due to lack of ongoing management of health conditions or from not seeking medical care before a more serious condition develops. Our innovative care coordination and proactive management approach reduces critical and catastrophic events by transmitting red flag alerts and preventative information to medical providers, enabling corrective action to be taken prior to any event.

The result? A healthier population and reduced healthcare costs for insurers, TPAs, ACOs, employers, and Medicare and Medicare payers.