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Get to know CHARLIE.

CHARLIE monitors and communicates changes in the client’s behavior and health status to ensure that they are safe and healthy.

As well as monitoring the client, CHARLIE is a 24/7, easy-to-use, customized reporting technology, facilitating individualized communications covering medications, medical devices via Bluetooth technology, and physician care.
The platform has the ability to oversee the client’s medicines, vital signs, past medical history, glucose levels, blood pressure, appointments and any other information that is necessary to the client. CHARLIE establishes a baseline and recognizes changes in behavior so it can customize alerts based on the individual and the family members’ preferences. This transparent communication gives the client’s care team the knowledge to book a check-up, review medication and treatment based on CHARLIE’s data.

CHARLIE proactively assists in real time, creating accountability and ensuring that optimal solutions are properly implemented. The ultimate goal is to make life a little better for both the client and the family member. It connects individuals with their family members and care team, sending them alerts and messages to keep in touch.
However, CHARLIE is not all business. Socialization and being connected factor into our well-being.

Completely customizable, CHARLIE can even play music; and through the HIPAA compliant system users can share photos, letters, connect via social media, and engage in video chats with family members or caregivers at anytime. CHARLIE can create custom memory games, connect the client to their favorite healthy recipe or even show them the latest YouTube video. If the client’s family member is in another state, they can feel as if they are right there with their loved one.