How To Bring Your Parents And Your Kids Closer Together

There’s more than just an age difference between your children and your parents. Today’s kids were born into a world of touch screens and wireless connections. They can see the world from the living room couch. While your parents, are from a time without cell phones, internet, and portable music players, so you can see where they might have some trouble connecting to each other.

For many children, visiting grandparents is a chore complete with television watching and conversations about how school is going. It can be difficult for you, as both the parent and the grandchild, to help build a connection between the two. Here are some suggestions to get your kids off the couch, get your parents out of the house, and bring your family closer together.

Timeless Activities
Times may have changed, but there are a few activities that were around in your parent’s heyday, and are still just as enjoyable to adolescents of today, as they were to their grandparents.

  • Circuses, Carnivals and Fairs, Oh My!
    Games, rides, cotton candy and hot dogs are still just as fun as they were 60 years ago. Time fillers like circuses, carnivals, and fairs are great ways to keep your children entertained and bring out the kid in your parents. While enjoying each other’s company, they’ll forget all about the generational gaps they share.
  • The Movies!
    The movies themselves may have changed, but the experience is still fun for the whole family. To have the most enjoyable time, shoot for family movies that aren’t rated over pg-13. You may also want to choose a matinee showing: Not only are the prices lower and the lines shorter, but evening movie-goers are more spirited than morning and midday movie-goers.
  • Sporting Events
    Baseball and football, both American favorites, are great outdoor activities that haven’t changed too much since their inceptions. It’s unbelievable how close people can become just by rooting for the same team. Especially if those people are already family. To have the best time, shoot for spring and fall games when it’s not too hot and not too cold.

Your parents might be older, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn new tricks. Who better to teach them about technology than the young people that spend all day using it? Here are some great ideas that will give your kids and parents an opportunity to connect.

  • Tech Stores
    Places like the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store have an interactive layout, allowing their patrons to learn about products while experiencing them first hand. This way, your children can see what’s new in the tech world while teaching your parents the basics.
  • Playing on the iPad, Tablet or even CHARLIE
    Instigate a game of checkers on your iPad, Tablet or CHARLIE. There are many ways to have your kids help their grandparents learn the ins and outs of technology through playing games, or checking out new apps.

Whether it’s an outdoor activity, or a fun event for the family, there are tons of ways to bring your kids and parents closer together. However, if you find that your parents may need a little more help with technology, contact AllHealth CHOICE. It could be fun learning to use this amazingly simple technology together. Our user friendly technology will ensure that you can live stress free knowing that our aging in place experts are there 24/7 if your mom or dad needs anything.