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Our nurses examine each client’s medical condition and recommends a customized support plan based on their needs. The nurse coordinates directly with the client’s healthcare providers, care navigators, and family members to ensure the client is healthy, appropriately managing any ongoing health concerns, and safe.

CHARLIE’s in-home health data is continuously being monitored and recorded to help improve medical outcomes. Pertinent updates are sent to the client’s primary care physician notifying them of changes in the client’s health status. The client’s primary care physician works alongside the nurse, care navigator, specialty physicians, and family members to give the best care and support possible.

Care Navigators are experts who develop an encouraging relationship with the client to ensure their needs are met. The Care Navigator red flags concerns and takes note when there are fluctuations from the baseline, paving the way for timely adjustments in care.

For our clients who use CHARLIE to maintain independence, the Care Navigator has the ability to coordinate doctor appointments, yard work, pet care, nutrition, in-home safety assessments, transportation, and more, based on your selected package.

For clients who use CHARLIE to manage health-related issues, the Care Navigator helps each step of the way, helping the client take steps to make life healthier, reduce unneeded doctor or emergency department visits and reduce costs.

Medications are reviewed by the AllHealth CHOICE pharmacist upon beginning your plan and as changes occur in client’s medication regimen. Over-the-counter and herbal remedies are also assessed. This comprehensive medication list is reviewed to ensure the client’s physician is alerted of potential interactions that could cause adverse reactions