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Health & Lifestyle Management

Everyone knows the basics of good health, but most people could use a little nudge and the MyCharlie app is up for the job! From optimizing wellness to providing assistance for individuals to make small lifestyle change with a big impact on overall health, our health and wellness features assist with sleep, stress, nutrition, and exercise.

Interactive lessons are delivered to each member based on their needs to guide them to a healthier lifestyle! MyCharlie syncs devices for life data integration with the application that allow our coaches to leverage streaming and predictive analytics to increase the likelihood of success for each individual.

Health & Wellness Module Features

Immediate and Long-Term Sustainable Savings
Increased Member Engagement Via a Personal Health Management System Including Integrated Fitbit
Personalized Biometric Screening Data, Dynamic Health Risk Score, Personal Health Coach
Custom Education Tools Based on Personal Data and Feedback
Delivers Documentation to Turn Data into Actionable Intelligence

The MyCharlie Lifestyle module provides an fun, engaging tool with serious results. The Health Risk Score measure the health of your population, giving practical insight into behaviors, productivity, risks, and investment priorities.


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