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Complex Care & Advanced Disease Management
Improving Care for High Risk Members

The AllHealth CHOICE program focuses on members with chronic conditions. Diseases like COPD, CHF, diabetes and hypertension account for almost 90% of hospitalizations and are responsible for 87% of the total healthcare expenditure. We use a combination of Remote Health Monitoring and 24/7/365 virtual nursing care that results in lowering the cost of healthcare, improving member health outcomes and providing greater access to care.

Improve Outcomes

Remote Health Technology

AIIHealth CHOICE's integrated system combines the latest in usable interfaces with cutting edge Bluetooth devices:
  • Peripheral Bluetooth devices like pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff, weight scale, thermometer, glucometer
  • 4G tablet with built in wireless or downloadable app for the member's smart phone or tablet
  • HITRUST Certified
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • One touch video conferencing

Nursing Care

By employing All Health CHOICE's program you are creating a continuous relationship with the participant that is proven to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and bolster a member's overall well-being.
  • Dedicated virtual nursing and care coordination teams available 24/7/365
  • Customized care plans, health surveys and educational videos
  • Continual dynamic "health score" providing clarity of the member's current health risk
  • Health care content designed for each step of the member's care plan
  • Immediate nursing intervention when a member's risk levels elevate

MyCharlie Benefits

Care Feed Messaging

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Building Care Community

Appointment Requests

Secure Communication

Symptom Reports

System Integration

Educational Resources

Vitals Monitoring & Reporting

Notifications & Reminders


The Problem

117 Million Americans suffer from one or more chronic illnesses. People with multiple chronic conditions account for 80°/o of all healthcare costs.

Chronic Conditions are Costly

Employees with chronic conditions cost employers $36.4 billion a year in healthcare costs.

The Solution

All Health CHOICE is a data driven care management company that is transforming healthcare to lower costs and produce better outcomes through innovation and technology, saving clients $10 million in 12 months.

Direct Attention on Individual Needs

Your employees are as different as their health challenges. AIIHealth CHOICE's program emphasizes personal attention. Our care navigators and nursing team work with members to determine when they're ready for change and to pinpoint behavior changes within reach. They learn to:

  • manage their conditions and prevent complications,
  • lower their risks for multiple conditions,
  • follow their doctors' treatment plan,
  • take prescriptions and report side effects, and
  • monitor key vital signs, transmitting them wirelessly to the care team in real-time.
This approach gives a clearer view of the member's overall health in between physician visits, making time with their doctor much more effective.

It's all about helping them have a better quality of life - on the job and at home.

Total Medical Employer Claims Paid

Reduction in Medical Claims Cost


AIIHealth CHOICE'S Employer Based Program provides Complex Care & Advanced Disease Management with: virtual nursing care 24/7/365; remote Bluetooth enabled, health monitoring technology; HIPAA compliant, HITRUST certified secured data.