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AllHealth CHOICE integrates the latest in remote health and activity monitoring, telehealth, socialization, patient engagement, and care coordination technologies into one comprehensive service combined with dedicated, 24/7 care managers and navigators.

This innovative care management approach, powered by our remote health monitoring system, CHARLIE, proactively reduces critical and catastrophic events by transmitting red flag and preventative information to medical providers, the care manager, family members and loved ones.  The integration of CHARLIE, tailored care management, and increased patient engagement delivers measureable results.

We offer a game-changing solution by focusing on the Triple Aim: quality outcomes, access, and cost reduction. Individuals, hospitals, health systems, third-party administrators, government programs, and insurance companies all benefit when AllHealth CHOICE is utilized.



Better Patient Outcomes

Connecting CHARLIE with members who are at high risk of return for emergency room visits or inpatient hospitalizations keeps our case managers connected, close and readily available to intervene early.  We are able to monitor closer than we have before and make a difference when it matters most.” Carol Jeter, Secure Health’s Medical Management Director.

Better outcomes are a result of coordinated, consistent care and case management.  Implementing AllHealth CHOICE for at-risk clients means improved health for individuals as well as reduced costs, emergency department visits and readmissions.

  • Pharmacy reconciliation within 24 hours of admission for duplications and contraindications.
  • Real time data transfer to our care managers and physicians for early intervention of symptom management.
  • Increased patient engagement improves health and quality outcomes yielding greater efficiencies and a cost effective care model.
  • Reduction in medical risk scores.
  • Self-evaluations combined with medical device readings can predict potential negative outcomes before they occur.

Cost Savings

We are delighted to partner with AllHealth CHOICE who truly have the vision, integrating professional and compassionate care management with technology to produce bottom line results for the patient and the payer.” Al Ertel, CEO of Secure Health

AllHealth CHOICE addresses the leading drivers of healthcare costs: Readmissions, Emergency Department Visits, and Chronic Care Disease Management.  Our multifaceted approach means improved health for the patient and bottom line results:

  • Improved patient health, recovery and satisfaction.
  • Reduced readmission rates and Medicare readmission penalties.
  • Integrated into existing care management workflows to improve patient outcomes and efficiency.
  • Improved health and care for patients while reducing spending.
  • Increased patient engagement and overall understanding of their chronic condition.


Statistics from our clients using AllHealth CHOICE with high-risk patients associated with frequent emergency department visits and readmissions. The results show significant improvement in key areas:

  • 51% reduction in readmissions
  • 75% reduction in ED visits
  • 88% patient compliance with medical devices and medication compliance
  • 20% enhancement in billable services


Patient-Centered Care Management

AllHealth CHOICE offers patient-centered care management that can be integrated into the hospital/health system’s existing care management/transition of care programs and white-labeled for in-house implementation.

AllHealth CHOICE helps hospitals & health systems extend care to patients in their homes on a 24/7 basis to:

  • Have a more complete picture of the patient’s health status.
  • Provide early intervention/symptom management to anticipate negative outcomes before they occur.
  • Conduct virtual visits with the patient 24/7 via 2-way HIPAA compliant video by a nurse care manager for immediate and routine interventions.
  • Provide written plans of care that are customized to meet the patient’s chronic illness including lifestyle and behavioral health challenges.
  • Increase patients’ quality of life giving them the confidence and support they need to manage their chronic diseases in their own home.
  • CHARLIE integrates with your existing care management program for efficiencies and allows you to extend the reach to your patient population.

Case Study Summary From Patient Test Group

A 79-year woman was a weekly patient in the test hospital’s ED, with frequent admissions; one admission in March of 2016 lasted a month. She lives by herself, was 100% dependent on oxygen and smoked four cartons of cigarettes a month. After receiving CHARLIE in May of 2016, six months later she is now 60-75% oxygen dependent, down to one carton of cigarettes a month, and most significantly, had only one ED visit and no hospital admissions. In her words, “this computer saved my life.”


After about 45 minutes of training, this patient felt comfortable using CHARLIE; from that point on, the changes began to happen. Because the system is programmed with her specific medications, dosages and frequency, along with other custom information, the All Health CHOICE team, via CHARLIE, was able to ensure she took her medications appropriately by alert reminders and follow up video-calls if needed; monitor her blood pressure, oxygen and weight via the Bluetooth-connected devices and talk with her via video conferencing.

This patient is an example of how access to health care and outcomes are improved – and subsequently, cost is reduced, with effective implementation of compliance and monitoring through the CHARLIE system.