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Improve Quality of Life, Lower Healthcare Costs.

Our Complex Care Monitoring program provides individuals with comprehensive support to manage multiple chronic conditions in the home. We go beyond the basic symptom intervention and focus on positive disease management by performing detailed clinical assessments, providing ongoing education, and monitoring work to help each person manage all aspects of their care successfully with a perfect blend of technology using our MyCharlie app and in-person management.Why is this important? Sixty-six percent of total healthcare spending is associated with care for the over one in four Americans with multiple chronic conditions.

Our goal is to encourage independent living with post-acute solutions for individuals with multiple chronic diseases to minimize the probability of disease exacerbation or hospitalization. Each person is involved in care planning, together with close coordination a case manager and physician, ensure improved outcomes, and lower costs.

Complex Care Module Features Including the MyCharlie app:

  • • Evidence-based nursing care protocols for each disease
  • • Medication management and reconciliation
  • • Home & social assessment which impact patient lifestyle
  • • Chronic care education & personal health record monitoring
  • • Telehealth monitoring using state-of-the-art equipment
  • • Monitoring patient compliance with follow-up appointments
  • • Lifeline emergency response system education

Our complex care programs use the most current medical evidence and utilize the latest telehealth technology. Skilled nurses routinely provide an extensive range of services in the comfort of home for these and other conditions:

  • • Diabetic Care
  • • CHF Care
  • • COPD Care
  • • Pneumonia Care
  • • Oncology Care
  • • Dementia Care