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AllHealth CHOICE is a data driven population health management company that evokes change behaviors and improves health outcomes resulting in overall reduced healthcare expenses.

AllHealth CHOICE (AHC), is an innovative population health management company, that utilizes a data centric approach to the care management of total populations. Our approach brings a human connection to digital solution while it integrates the latest in healthcare claims and pharmacy analytics, mobile app technology, remote monitoring medical devices, and 24/7 health coach coordination into a wholistic, comprehensive service; with the overarching goal to improve outcomes, improve member productivity, and reduce overall claims spend.

Through its Predictive Analysis & Population Health Management Reporting System, AllHealth CHOICE can go beyond the traditional transactional analytics platform that reports simply on past healthcare costs. Instead, the analytics system provides a robust suite of predictive modeling powered by artificial intelligence, customizable healthcare dashboards, and integration of clinical and claims data to drive the care management of total populations with an eye for individual healthcare needs.